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Welcome to Sadhana Studios!


A Yoga and Healing Studio in the heart of St Kilda, to elevate, empower, connect and heal the community.

Founders Kirsty and Emma have a shared passion for building community, Kundalini Yoga and sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and are delighted to welcome you.

Price List


    • △ CASUAL
      Adult : $33
      Student : $25
      Concession/Senior : $18
    • △ 5 CLASSES PASS
    • Concession/Senior :$69
    • △ 10 CLASSES PASS
      Adult : $219
      Student : $199
      Concession/Senior : $139
        Adult : $139
    • Student : $ 99
      Concession/Senior : $88
      • Adult $169
      • Student $119
    • Concession / Senior $ 99
    Adult : $1999
    Student : $999
    Concession/Senior : $700

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Sadhana Studio directors Emma Lynch and Kirsty Sikiotis are Kundalini Yoga teachers in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West.


“Kundalini Yoga found me back in 2011. At the beginning of my soul’s call out for finding deeper meaning to my life, a more soulful existence, I had deep yearning to live more fully, like I was just surviving not thriving and I knew this couldn’t be it, I knew there was more to life.

The first time I was in class, it felt like I was  coming home. It was like a big nurturing hug, the universe was giving me, I knew everything was going to be ok, I could do anything from my mat. I laughed, I cried, I surrendered and that was it for me. I went deep into the practice, so deep I decided to master it for myself by doing the teacher training. I never knew I was going to be a teacher let alone open a studio but I am not the doer, I show up to life and I am open to all the gifts and opportunities as they present themselves. And now here we are, with Sadhana Studios.

Daya Prakash and I met in 2017 at the Kundalini Yoga Festival with a yearning to build community, to heal, to elevate and to serve the people of Melbourne, right in the heart of St Kilda.”

Kirsty Sikiotis


Daya Prakash Kaur was trained in Kundalini Yoga By Master Teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa in Los Angeles, USA. Tej is a Master teacher that served Yogi Bhajan for many years archiving his life work. Tej has the biggest Kundalini Class in the World. With 70-80 per Class.

​Daya moved to LA and lived there for 13 years where she was an Actress and Artist, after a traumatic accident led her to make a change in her life, it was this moment that she found Kundalini yoga. The Yoga of Awareness. Kundalini Yoga Changed Daya’s Life in such a drastic way that now she has now devoted her life to spreading the teaching of Kundalini Yoga.

Daya moved from LA just to Melbourne to open a Studio of Kundalini Yoga. IT was a calling that came at a great price, she felt she had no choice but to follow this download. Uprooting her life in LA she moved back after 13 yrs living in LA to open a Kundalini Yoga Studio, This task was not easy yet she did not give UP.

It is such  a blessing to have achieved this and found a partner of such caliber as Kiran Jot to walk this path with. Sadhana Studio is starting a heart centred Revolution.

Daya message is  LOVE.  May you send out love, May you come to understand that all love is, is simply a vibration that is absolutely everywhere and in everything Love is all you  will ever need,  and it’s inside of your soul and it comes from the infinite, universe, the divine, God, Guru,

Nothing can give it to you because you already have it  nor can it be taken  away. With this knowledge, May you now vibrate love and peace to everybody and everything. There is no small act. This is a time for compassion and determination to change. Kindness is the new cool.

This is what the teaching and technology of Kundalini yoga has given me the experience of.  I was anxious and was unhappy with things in my life that  I had no control over,  I was looking for love through advancement in my career and relationships, while all the time I was disconnecting with my soul. I had no idea that I could tune in to another frequency that is LOVE. My old fears and behaviours slowly changed and today I’m a completely different human every day is such a blessing . I now have devoted my life to these teachings and serving humanity. 

October 2016 Daya the president of KYTANZ. The Teacher Association of Australia. In this role it w been the mission to raise the awareness of Kundalini Yoga in Australia. Daya is the Manager at the 3HO World Events in the Programming team.

This year 2017 in December Daya will teaching at Winter Solstice. This is a huge honour and no other Australian Teachers are teaching this year, she is very blessed to be representing the Australian Sungat  -In 2018 Daya Prakash taught at Summer Solstice

2018 Daya Prakash taught at the Summer Solstice it was a huge honour and Blessing


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