November 22


01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

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Sadhana Studios

Sallow breath = Sallow life 
Join Daya Prakash on a journey with your breath, your prana, your life force.

Sallow breath = Sallow life 

Join Daya Prakash on a journey with your breath, this year there has been such a focus on the lungs and on breathing. This workshop was originally planned to happen before COVID. and was consequently postponed. What could be a more perfect subject now to dive into together?


Pranayama is an ancient technique that has a wisdom that is indescribable. You truly have to experience the breath to understand it’s power. More often then not people will come to Daya with various life challenges, most if not all of them have a very clear lack of prana in them. It takes a commitment that is literally in every breath to make a change within yourself. It is the most simple and complex of all of our functions. It directly correlates to our being. It is something that is not taught in the Western World, we are completely oblivious to its significance. 

Tell me the last time you have just breathed, Just Really Breathed. This Workshop is all about finding your breath, giving your self space to really let go and surrender to your breath. You can tell everything about the person in how they breathe, 90% of people have sallow breathing from the tops of their lungs, the breath must come from the navel and be deep and long. 

Deep Breath = Deep life  

If you are to command anything of your life, you must first learn how to command your breath.  Join Daya Prakash an International Kundalini Teacher who is passionate about transformation. Daya has taught in USA and Australia and has devoted her life to these teachings. Daya is a powerful and energic teacher. Enjoy as she guides you through a workshop designed to teach you Kundalini Pranayama Techniques. You will deep dive into your own breath and have practical tools at the end of the workshop of how and when to use certain Pranayama Techniques.

Kundalini Yoga employs a wide range of pranayama, using the breath to effect and manage different states of consciousness, relaxation, and well-being. These are simple breathing techniques that will get you started on this path of healing and awareness.

Why come to this Workshop 

1. If you have ever wanted to experience different breathing techniques?

2. If you have trouble breathing deeply?

3. If you have ever wanted to learn pranayama?

4. If you believe you could change your life with your breath?

5. If you enjoyed being challenged?

6. If you have ever wanted to learn kundalini yoga breathing?

7. If you would like to learn breathing techniques to use in your everyday life to change your emotional state ?

You, Will, Learn These pranayamas 

Long Deep Breathing

Calm the mind; balance the emotions; harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Energize and calm the nervous system.

Breath of Fire

Strengthen the nervous system; purify the bloodstream; energize, stimulate, wake up, and increase vitality.

Suspending the Breath

Recondition the nervous system; integration of the body systems; experience deep stillness, shuniya

Segmented Breath

Sitali Breath

Cannon Breath

Whistle breath

Lion Breath

Sitkari Breath

Vatskar Breath

Come and join us for this incredible opportunity to learn all of these Kundalini Pranayama Techniques.

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What can I bring into the event?

A great Attudiue and your Yoga Mat and Pillow, If you don’t have one we do provide.  Since COVID all mats are cleaned after use. 

Please bring a Water Bottle