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November 30 - 07:30 pm

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Sadhana Studios

Kundalini, Grace, Devotion & Service. Join Daya Prakash sharing her story & Wisdom of what transformed her life from darkness into light.

Spiritual Warrior The Workshops

1. Week One Learn Kundalini Monday 2nd of November

2. Week Two Grace Monday 9th of November

3. Week Three Service Monday 16th of November

4. Week Four Devotion Monday 23rd of November

Learn Kundalini

The first week is learning kundalini This course is for great for new students ! The first week will be basic Kundalini. More experienced students this will be super fun!

It will be really helpful if you have only practiced Kundalini a small amount and a want to learn and become confident doing any Kundalini exercise or class. Kundalini can be overwhelming at the start and is difficult to relate too. This workshop is about demystifying that. We will be going over the basics and you will learn the following;

– How & why we tune in, that’s included in both of the mantras. Adi Mantra & Mangalacharan

– How to do breath of fire 🔥

– 4 exercises that are in 90% of Kundalini.

– How to tune out.

We will have a Q & A of any questions you have about Kundalini.

Grace – Service – Devotion

What are these to you ?

These are the most powerful ways of life I have transformed into.

My Angelic self. My self has radical

self love. My self that I’m proud to be.

In this course of 4 workshops of 2.5 hours each we will unpack and gain a deep understanding of each of these

divine embodiments.

Why do we want to learn to be a gracious human?

Life takes on a different colour when you are able to tap into your grace.

What is service and why do I want to learn it?

When you can be in service of this highest vibration. The world 🌍 will be at your feet 🦶 in the most divine way.

The ego must be challenged and defeated.

Devotion to what ? Who ? Why ?

This word conjectures up pictures of saints and churches. It is a highly charged word.

I have learnt the embodiment and wisdom and great power that comes with true devotion.

I will get to know everyone and we have plenty of sharing and interactions , I’m looking forward to getting to know you

This course is my GIFT 🎁 I’m very aware of what is happening in the city I’m living in. I want to empower you to take back your energy and learn the 4 key things that have completely transformed my life.

Raise the Kundalini energy in your world.

This is especially for you MELBOURNE There is a limit of 25 humans. Men you’re more than welcome please!

We will meet every Monday at 5pm – 7.30 pm for our 2.5hour workshop

This will be online –

For only $147 for 4 weeks in my course.

This works out to only $36 per workshop. This is incredible and is my gift to you!

If you want to come but can’t afford it, please contact Daya and we can arrange something.