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A way of life designed to realize the goal of one’s ultimate ideal through a daily practice of spiritual exercises. 

Sadhana is the foundation of all spiritual endeavors; it is a promise to oneself to surrender the ego for the sake of union with Divine Within. 

It is built upon a commitment to self rooted in discipline, consistency and spiritual integrity. 

To develop a regular Sadhana is to take control of our lives; to allow the highest version of ourselves to become the decision-maker; to recognize our innate wisdom and immerse ourselves in the joy within our own souls. 

By challenging ourselves, we grow in strength and resiliency; we become fearless to live’s challenges and start exuding an internal and external equilibrium. 

Sadhana is all about finding our radiance, finding our divinity; finding our light. 

The teachings 

Consistency; we develop a steadiness through stages of flux, with increased sensitivity to our environment but with a grounded approach to life’s challenges.

Discipline; we learn to control the sporadic mind through sustained effort, we draw on internal strength and surrender the will to the highest good.

Patience; by committing ourselves to self-understanding; we start to see there is no separation between self and other, we become more attuned to the compassion and find ways to navigate troubling times with grace and fortitude.

Evolution; as the days progress, watch your soul grow in fullness.. 

The Aquarian Sadhana

Here at Sadhana Studios, we get up at 3.40am every day to practice The Aquarian Sadhana. 

This is during what is called the ‘ambrosial hours’; when the sun is at a sixty-degree angle to Earth; two and a half hours before sunrise. 

While most are in bed, the energy at this time is the purest. It gives us the opportunity to communicate most clearly with the Cosmos; it provides an element of intimacy unsullied by the distractions of modernity. 

There is an innate timelessness that opens us up to the Infinite. 

Yogi Bhajan developed the Aquarian Sadhana to assist humanity’s shift in consciousness from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. (Read more

It is designed to prepare our gunas (Read more), chakras (Read more) and psyches to the changing of the times. Allowing us to attune ourselves to our ever growing potential while assisting others in navigating the space between the Ages. 

This is a practice of stamina, mental and physical self-awareness, intuition and growth in global consciousness beyond your competitive driven paradigm.

Our ecological and environmental challenges call for a radical commitment in self development. 

We, at Sadhana Studios, respond by providing The Aquarian Sadhana (Read more) as a free community class seven days a week. 

Find out how you can develop your own daily sadhana with Daya, here


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